The Meaning of Easter Eggs for Christians  

Many people have questioned what the Easter egg really means to Christians. You can’t find the best answer to this question. Because if we look further, it seems that the Easter egg tradition is not something that is written in the Bible. So celebrating Easter does not always have to be synonymous with Easter eggs. This is an interesting thing, for more details, you should consider the following some information related to the meaning of Easter eggs for Christians. On, you can get so many easter gift idea.

Although it is not one of the things that are written in the Bible, that does not mean celebrating Easter with this tradition of decorating eggs is something bad. There’s actually nothing bad about that. In fact, in this Easter egg, there are several meanings that can be obtained indirectly by Christians as follows.

The resurrection of the Lord Jesus is a reflection that Easter eggs bring good news for Christians who are closely related to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus himself. Therefore, Christians should give thanks for the existence of this in the past, namely 2000 years ago. Where God has risen to overcome death and become the victor over all the origins of sin according to the Bible. Thus, all Christians can have eternal life.

Restoration, in which the egg also symbolizes the true restoration that comes from God Himself. Where Christians who have sinned a lot are restored from the crucifixion of Jesus himself. Basically, this egg is used as a symbol of the change from winter to spring. Likewise in Easter, it is a gift of recovery from the bad to a better life. Therefore, it is appropriate for all of God’s people to rejoice over the principle of love for the Bible that God has given through the Easter spirit.

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