Causes of Flu that You Should not Underestimate

Everyone must have had the flu at least once in his life. Influenza virus infection can indeed attack anyone at all ages, both children and adults. Knowing various causes of flu is an effective step so you can avoid this disease. You can also visit to get more info.

Flu or influenza is an infection caused by a virus. The virus that causes flu is the influenza virus. There are several types of influenza-causing viruses, namely influenza type A, B, and C.

Of the three viruses, types A and B usually cause seasonal flu, while influenza type C is usually a cause of lighter respiratory disorders.

You can be infected with the influenza virus if you breathe splashing saliva (droplet) that comes out of the mouth of the cold when you sneeze and cough not close your mouth. The influenza virus that causes flu can also be transmitted by talking to people who have flu if the body distance is very close.

In addition to air contact, the method of influenza transmission can occur when you touch the eyes, nose, or mouth after holding objects contaminated with viruses.

This infection affects the nose, throat, and lungs (respiratory system). If not treated properly, the types of flu can turn into serious infections that endanger the sufferer. In rare cases, the possibility of flu complications can occur at risk of causing death.

Usually, flu symptoms will appear approximately 24-48 hours after you are exposed to this virus. Body aches, muscle aches all over the body, fever, nasal congestion, and colds are the most typical flu symptoms.

You could have been affected by influenza without a clear cause. Maybe you don’t feel that someone is sick around, but suddenly it hurts. To prevent flu, make sure you drink water at least 8 glasses per day. But in fact, everyone’s water needs are different. You yourself know how much water is needed. In essence, drink every time you feel thirsty (or even before) so that the need for body fluids remains met.

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