How to Cure Hay Fever

Hay fever symptoms appear due to an “attack” from outside the body, such as dust, animal skin peels, or pollen. Usually, these substances cause a person to experience allergies and cause certain symptoms. There are several treatment methods that are often used to treat the symptoms of hay fever. Usually treatment will differ from one person to another depending on the cause and severity of the allergy that occurs. One of the basic and often used methods to overcome this problem is to avoid allergen triggers, also known as allergens. Visit to get more tips.

Hay fever cannot be cured, but symptoms and attacks can be controlled in several ways. Controlling the symptoms of hay fever can be done by:

1. Drugs
One way to relieve the symptoms of hay fever is to take certain medications. Such as antihistamines, decongestants, or drugs according to the doctor’s recommendations. If the symptoms that appear are still relatively mild, hay fever can usually be relieved with medicines that can be purchased at pharmacies. But if the symptoms that appear are severe enough, don’t delay going to the hospital and seeing a doctor. Because, the doctor may prescribe additional special drugs, such as nasal sprays to help fight allergies.

2. Therapy
Overcoming hay fever can also be done with special therapy, namely immunotherapy or desensitization. This method is done by injecting the allergen into the patient’s skin at certain time intervals and doses. The goal is to reduce the body’s immune sensitivity to these allergens, meaning that the body’s immune system will become stronger when experiencing an attack. In addition to injections, giving allergens can also be done in the form of tablets that are taken by mouth.

3. Nose Irrigation
Overcoming the symptoms of hay fever can also be done with nasal irrigation or nasal irrigation. Is an action performed with the aim of cleaning the nasal cavity. The trick is to spray or suck a special liquid through the nose, then expel it through the mouth.