The Best Tips To Be Safe And Avoid Accidents On The Highway

61 percent of accidents occur due to human error, related to the ability and character of the vehicle driver. Drowsiness, not concentrating, or being too tired while driving is some of the things that can cause a driver to lose control and then hit another object – be it another car, a roadblock, or a victim. If you fall victim to an accident and you don’t get what you deserve, get to mike morse right away to help you.

The second biggest factor is infrastructure and environment
Meanwhile, 30 percent of accidents are caused by infrastructure and environmental factors. Bad weather, heavy rain, damaged road conditions, dead street lights, traffic lights jammed or terrain that is not suitable for travel can be the cause.

Factors that are not roadworthy cars can also cause accidents
Then, 9 percent of accidents occur due to damaged vehicles or do not meet the technical requirements for roadworthiness. Cars that are not properly cared for, engine faults, punctured tires or bald tires result in motor vehicle skidding and accidents occurring. Regularly check the condition of the car tires.

Always focus and full concentration on the street
Even the most experienced and reliable drivers can fall victim to other reckless crashes. So, the first thing to pay attention to is: always focus and concentrate fully on the road conditions.

Avoid distraction/distraction from radio sound and music that is too loud. Keep your smartphone safe or use a wireless device to take calls. Do not update status on social media if it is not very important and can be postponed. Likewise, with the lady drivers, wear make-up at home or when you arrive at your destination, not while driving.

Avoid alcohol and take drugs that make you sleepy
Have a headache or the flu? Instead of driving yourself, just call a taxi online. This is because some heat and pain relievers, as well as cough and cold medicines, can cause people who take them to be sleepy and unable to concentrate.

In addition, the consumption of alcohol before driving is also strictly prohibited. The sanctions are quite heavy, anyone driving drunk will be subject to multiple criminal articles because it is considered a criminal act.

Be careful driving during bad weather and heavy rain
Bad weather and heavy rain obscured the view, making the driver often lose control and the car tires skid until they hit. Indeed, we cannot predict the weather 100%, but if possible, it is advisable to postpone the trip if the weather outside is not friendly.